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A New Blog, And Already A Rant!

February 5, 2010

Now don’t get me wrong, I love Vue 3D from E-on Software, but their pricing schedule for me to upgrade sort of has my panties in a twist. I have been using Vue 6 Pro Studio the past couple of years. I have enjoyed it fully. Vue is one of the rare programs that easily abides by needs and whims of the user. You can make thins very easy on yourself and turn out a nice piece in just a few short minutes, or you can make it as complex as you like, getting into the node functions for shaders etc.

Back  in December, I did my annual software audit here. I listed needs and desires, in general things that would make my work easier and a few new things to expand creativity. On the wish list was a Vue upgrade. So I headed over to the E-on Software site to find that the desired upgrade would cost me $399. After sinking several hundred dollars into my present version, I now find that it will cost me in the $400 dollar ballpark to get a few new desirable features.

So I cruised over to the forum there to see if I could find info on how the new Version 8 is performing. There were some comments about the usual bugginess of Vue, but also a few comments about the pricing, echoing my own feelings. Not only is the pricing just this side of insanity, but they stuck in a new product tier calling it Vue 8 Complete. When I bought Pro Studio, I was just one tier below the heavy pro versions, but now since they have snuck in Vue Complete, the Pro Studio would be two tiers below. I perused the specs on Vue 8 Complete, and as luck would have it, that is the version that holds my desired upgrade features. E-On Software has pulled a “Microsoft”, implementing new product tiers as a revenue enhancer. Don’t get me started on Microsoft. Who the fu_k needs 6 versions of an operating system??

So, what to do? Well I did some research, and I would up purchasing a new modeler plus Carrara Pro 7, and since I caught a great sale, all for the price of less than the Vue upgrade. More on Carrara as the blog progresses.

So will I still upgrade to Vue 8? At this point in time, I’m on the fence. It’s not a coolness thing either as far as the new features. It’s more the questions of competitive advantage and time savings. Will the product help my workflow?

So I’ll keep on chugging along with version 6. After all, it was a great package three years ago when I bought it (I think it was three years ago), and it’s still a great package today.

You would think that E-on Software would have some kind of loyalty program in place for longtime users, but I guess not. Maybe I’ll catch a sale. They do run them on occasion.

Ok, I’m done 😉


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