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Vue 3D Training From The Very Best

February 5, 2010

Since I’m on the subject of Vue, I thought I’d give my favorite training resource a plug. The great folks over at have an outstanding array of tutorials addressing Vue. Some of the tutorials may overwhelm rank beginners, but because there presented with a focus on utility, a beginner can benefit even if every point is nt fully understood. Take small steps, and grab from them what you can.

The advanced Vue resources are great, and on checking in on the site, I just found that there’s a new course section on Terrains.

But wait! There’s more! If you’re a beginning 3D modeler and have had trouble getting over the basic learning hump, get yourself a copy of Hexagon from and settle in with Gary Miller over at GAP. Gary thinks like a 3D modeler needs to think. He addresses things in cheerful yet expert fashion and serves up each lesson with a purpose in mind. Methods and concepts can then easily be carried over into other projects.

But wait There’s more! Did I tell you the tutorials are freely available? Yes that’s right. You are sort of  tied up in online mode, and that’s not my favorite thing to do. But GAP does put their tutorials into packages that are available for purchase, and for some of the advanced stuff, I’ll probably wind up buying one of the sets.

On Geek At Play, there are also some free models, some nice model packages available for purchase, and some ancillary stuff like a very short section on Carrara and even some Cinema 4D stuff. If you’re serious about Vue, I think you could very easily spend a few weeks here 😉

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