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All Carrara All The Time?

February 6, 2010

No, of course not. Carrara just happens to be my newest tool and I’m a little excited about getting on with it, so as I find resources of value, or feel that I have valid comments to share, I’ll post them.

I actually started with Bryce 3D a long tme ago, and had actually mothballed the proram for awhile, but I see Daz3d has some new Bryce things going on too, so I might pull it out of retirement. I also acquired Lightwave 7 a long time ago, and really hated it. The interface was very hard for me to use and I just could not get comfortable with it. And so I went on to Strata 3D, and I’m presently at version CX 5. I find Strata easy to use and is great for when I have to do product rendering. I have no plans to upgrade Lightwave, and as for Strata, I’m presently undecided on any upgrade plans. Just have not sat down to evaluate the new Strata Version 6 yet. Right now I use Hexagon from Daz3D as a main modeler. It’s easy, it’s clean, and puts out a sweet mesh when things are done right. It’s one of the better standalone modelers out there available at a good price. Note that you’ll need a render solution if you decide to go with Hexagon.

Involved with computer graphics since about 1991, I started off with a program from the old Zsoft. Right now I of course have the usual host of support programs including Photoshop And Illustrator. Adobe upgrades don’t excite me at all, so I still use Photoshop CS2 and old Illustrator Ver 10, which is nice and stable.

A photographer too, I shoot Nikon and Leica, and shoot Raw files most of the time. I may touch on photography here from time to time, as understanding photographic lighting goes a whole long way in making your 3D life easier.

So not to worry, I’ll be gabbing about a whole bunch of stuff here.


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