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Carrara 8 Public Beta Has Forum on Fire

February 6, 2010

I only meant to stop in to quickly to see if they were running any specials, and have found that Carrara now has a new Version 8 Beta. The Forum over at Daz 3D is all abuzz and gaga about it. Certainly sounds great, and it’s nice to see my recently purchased Carrara package will soon have a solid opportunity to advance even further.

In order to participate in the Public Beta, you must be a Carrara 7 owner. IIt looks like the Beta 8 invitation will even work with a purchase of the entry level Carrara Express.. Even though I have Carrara 7 Pro, I’ve barely scratched the surface on it, and I don’t think the Beta 8 will really benefit my learning. I rather get some good progress with the current version 7 first.

There is a lot of great chatter about the new IES lighting and the feedback has been great. And the Beta has done a lot to cut render times as well.

From the Daz3D website:

Features in this Carrara 8.0 Beta-1 open development release:

    1. 64-Bit support for the PC (64-Bit Mac is being worked on currently and should be ready for the next round of Open Development “beta”)2. Most CPU intensive calculations are now Multi-threaded

    3. Data exchange
    a. Utilize the latest FBX capabilities including animations
    i. Fixes to FBX are included along with an updated toolset
    b. COLLADA – data exchange to multiple applications has been improved

    4. Figure or content/clothing can now be edited in Vertex modeler without
    the need to zero the figure. This will help a user modify clothing on a figure in a posed position.

    5. Render times have been reduced.

    6. Network Rendering has improved
    a. Remove nodes from master machine has been added
    b. Can now set nodes to render frames instead of buckets for animation

    7. Better lighting, more realistic, improved User Interface
    a. Barn Doors for spotlights
    b. Negative lights
    c. God Rays
    d. IES lighting

    8. Animation tools – Fixed the issue with .avi not containing audio

    9. Normal Maps

And there’s more in planning right now

Here’s a short list of “coming soon” features:

    * Vegetation improvements
    * Puppeteer Tool to improve animation capabilities
    * Beta version of the Bullet Dynamic Engine for rigid and soft body dynamics
    * 64-Bit for the Mac

For my own selfish reasons, I’m of course excited about the vegetation improvements. Puppeteer? Well sounds cute but I don’t do a lot of animation. Should be cool for those that do.

In the thread linked above, there are some good little videos. For those of you new to 3D that are looking for a package that won’t break the bank too badly, the new Carrara versions are definitely work a look in my opinion.


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