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February 6, 2010

And just what is Carrara 3D Expo? It’s a small site that hosts links to electronic issues of the group’s electronic magazine. And what a magazine it is! The content is all things Carrara – some general info, some tech info, but above all, smashing artwork from some Carrara greats like Howie Farkes, and submissions from newbies too. There is no discrimination against skill levels here – all users are invited to submit.

The current issue 3 of 3DExpo is a whopping 150 pages. A visual treat, you’ll find feature artists and interviews, and when I got hold of it, I must say I had a hard time putting it down. Well virtually putting it down anyway, as the publication is electronic 😉

Issue links at the 3DExpo site will take you over to, an electronic publishing host. Once there, the magazine will open in a snazzy jazzy interactive book viewer. Generally I dislike such sites, but this one is nice. A quick, spam free registration at Issuu will enable you to download a PDF copy if you like, which is what I did after viewing the issue in the viewer.

The magazine in part was responsible for my action to purchase Carrara 7 Pro.  I had no idea Cararra included such capable 3D landscape capabilities, one of my first loves. It was nice to see artwork from users of all skill levels beautifully presented in one space.

Submissions are current being solicited from Carrara users for the new Issue 4. The Issue 4 submission deadline is March 10, 2010. Just vist the 3DExpo site for guidelines and at he submission link.


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