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The Ten Minute Landscape

February 8, 2010

Distant Canyon

As I mentioned yesterday, I like to whip out some quick things in Vue 3D as a way to relax. It’s an excellent way to help me quickly hone composition and lighting skills. And even though the time spent is short, sometimes I’ll come away with a new idea, trick, or technique.

In this little piece, there are three terrains, one stock tree, one pointlight to brighten the front terrain, and a stock atmosphere. There was a slight curves adjustment in Photoshop.

I had played around with this atmosphere setting before, but it was never suitable for any work I had in progress. Here it’s a good fit.

So with this I guess I’ll start off a new series called 10 Minute Landscapes. All will be done in 10 minutes, more or less. These quick little pieces are also an excellent way to stimulate creativity. I’ll also eventually do some of these quick pieces in Carrara.


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