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Desert Palms

February 11, 2010

Desert PalmsHere’s one more to add to the 10 Minute Landscape series.  This one is done in Vue 6 Pro Studio. Three terrains were used, with one palm tree forefront. The back right landscape has a very simple Ecosystem applied, using the same palm tree. A nice sandy texture was applied to the terrains. When shaping the terrains, I used the Dunes function right in the Terrain Editor. A single point light was used for the sun.

I do a lot of these simple tropicals over the winter months. I had planned on taking a warmer climes vacation this season, but due to my work load, that’s just not going to happen this year. But doing a few of these simple tropical scenes does lighten my mood a bit.

This image will get loaded up for stock  sales. I talked to a few designers who use scenes such as these for things like travel website promos, and the word I get from them is “the simpler the better”.


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