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New Computer Time Pretty Soon

February 20, 2010
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Yup, it’s that time. Shopping for hardware, something I pretty much dislike. My current main graphics machine turned 3 years old last month, and although it’s very capable for the software I currently run, I am afraid that if I upgrade my version of Vue I will have some crashing and choking. I’ve gotten a pretty good run out of my current main machine. One of the reasons is that at the outset, I “overbought” a little bit, loading the machine up with extra ram and a good graphics card. I find the few dollars spent up front will save me time and aggravation later. So the shopping will begin soon.

When shopping I pretty much stick with major brands. I stay away from the “web specials” because I already know that they’re most likely not going to be able to fulfill my technical requirements. When I plan my buy, I look at any new software I plan to run,  make a list of the technical requirements, then try to exceed those tech specs by some fair amount.

The Dells I’ve had have always served me very well, in fact the Dell I bought in 2002 now does duty at my parents house. It’s fine for what they need. I bought them a slick, but not expensive 19 inch flat panel and they’re very happy with it.That old Dell – we thought it was such a screamer when we bought it. Funny that now it struggles to run the newest version of Photoshop Elements – that’s just sad.

I’ve always been happy with Gateways too. While I have a Mac for catalog and pre-press work, it doesn’t figure in my 3D work plan. I like to run Hexagon as a modeler, and Hexagon on the Mac is just plain buggy.

I figure that my shopping around, including writing the tech list etc, will take a day. I’ll make a list of machine choices, then put it aside for a week or so, reconsider my selections, and then start shopping availability and prices. Doing a hasty buy is the worst thing ever. I learned this lesson the hard way back in 1997. I was swayed by a too good to be true prices, did not know enough about proper tech specs, and suffered severe performance deficiencies with that purchase. The salesman was slick, and he also lied.

It’s so unfortunate that we have become such willing pawns in the never ending game of technology upgrade. But with  all the Adobemania and Windows bloatware, sometimes the coolness aspect is  so enticing we can’t help ourselves. Luckily, I’ve mostly grown up, and to me, the hardware purchases are work tools and not much more.


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