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Seeing Saturn

February 21, 2010

Seeing Saturn

I’ve mentioned before that my early days of 3D were inspired by sites such as Digital Blasphemy. I especially loved those simple sci fi inspired landscapes and waterscapes. It was just so cool to be able to generate multiple planets and suns. I’ve tried on and off over the years to come up with my own images in this genre, but I’ve never come up with anything I’ve truly liked until now. To me at least, these simple planet scenes are more than just plunking in elements. It’s so much about the underlying color and tones. In this image, I like the way the little cloud stream has wrapped its way above and below Saturn. This image was done in Vue Pro Studio 6. A point light is used as a simple sun, and two spotlights are aimed at the terrains to give them some dimension.

If you really like the image, you can pick up a large 1600×1000 version over at my Renderosity Gallery which I just started up. As things progress, I’ll be offering up some Freebies over at Renderosity like Vue Atmosheres and stuff. is a great learning and inspiration source, so if you’re not a member do give it a try. Signing up is free.


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