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Pimp Your Outhouse

February 28, 2010

Weathered Wood OuthouseWell, it’s not pimped out with bling, but it is dressed up with a nice weathered wood texture, which is part of my new Weathered Wood Pack over at The 3D Studio. I’ve included more than two dozen textures in the pack, and there’s a nice assortment of styles and colors. I’ve been in a giddy mood here from all of the ridiculous snow shoveling, and wanted to do a little promo image with a summer theme and also inject a little humor.

I’ll do a much better model eventually. This is really just a very quick distorted cube with an angled roof, and yes I did add what looks like a seat on the inside. A small low power point light on the inside helps open things up a little.

Textures and the way they are mapped can make or break your image. I prefer doing seamless tiles when doing my own because it gives me much more flexibility. For this quick little images I didn’t have to fool with unfolding for UV mapping. I just relied on a simple projection method with one minor adjustment. The little house was modeled in Hexagon and set up quickly in Vue, then rendered.


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