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Bryce 3D Bookmarks

March 5, 2010

Crazy BookmarkI was rummaging around my bookcase the other day, and lo and behold found a book I had purchased several years ago on Bryce 3D. I really meant to dive into it, but things happened, work stuff got busy etc. And there was my Dollar Bill bookmark, right where I had left it on page 55.

And I just laughed when I found this, because it reminded me of a funny story. When I first got the book, I read about 15 pages or so, and for lack of something better, stuck in a dollar bill as a page bookmark. I just have a thing about creasing corners on book pages – I just won’t do it. It’s a quirk of mine. Well, a few days later, I had an appointment to go to, and I knew there was going to be some waiting time, so I took the Bryce 3D book along with me. An acquaintance of mine was also at the appointment, and she went a little nuts when she saw my dollar bill bookmark. I was taken a little aback, because it was really no big deal to me. The book was in good care, and I had no fear that my dollar bill would be lost.

The acquaintance still went on and on about my bookmark. Blah, blah, blah… For me, pretty much in one ear and out the other. After she finally shut up, she reached into her bag and pulled out some trash romance paperback book, and yes, she had a bookmark! And oh, it was glorious with both silky tassels and little fake sparkly jewels dangling! I asked her how much she paid for that beautiful bookmark, and she told me it was $7.50. I then told her mine only cost me a dollar 😉 I’m such a smartass LOL.

Back to the original book in the image – it’s an oldie. This Bryce 3D Handbook by Shamms Mortier was published in 1998. It speaks of the need for a high tech blazing fast Pentium @00MHz processor to run Bryce, and it stresses that a 4X CD Rom minimum is required to use the CD that comes with the book. Wow what a trip down memory lane! The book isn’t even specific as to what the applicable version is, but from the reading it looks like it was intended for learning Bryce 3. Nonetheless, as I plan to revive Bryce 5 on my computer while I consider an upgrade to version 6, I’ve started from the beginning of the book. As I never really did approach Bryce learning in the manner that I should have, I have nothing to lose by spending a little time with it. The author is knowledgeable and was one of the Bryce 3D Pioneers, so I’m sure I’ll pick up a few things at least. It can’t hurt.


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