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Volumetric Light in Carrara

March 12, 2010

Carrara Volumetric Light Test

In 3D, good lighting can make or break your image. And so the nite I went on a hunt for information on lighting that is particular to Carrara. And I found this nice little lesson from Marcelo over at Carrara Lounge for setting up Volumetric Light.

For my own test, I set up a little room scene. A spotlight is set up above the staircase and it is set to Light Cone mode. There is a sphere mode light just above the sofa. A window was built into the room and a big bulb is placed outside to cast the shadow. All of the ambient light here is turned off.

Just about any 3D program that includes its own render engine has some particulars about how the lighting works. But the basics remain the same, such as use of Point Lights, Spotlights, and others. It’s always a benefit to learn about the particulars of your own software instead of relying on default settings. Because default settings usually suck.


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