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Going Paperless

March 15, 2010

While a lot of 3D tutorials are now on video, there are still a lot out there that are html pages. While you can save the youtube videos using a various plugins, do you really want a ream of paper lying around from printing HTML tutorials? I sure don’t. I use a program called PDF995. You can basically turn any document, including a printable web page, into a PDF document, and then just file it.

I have been using the Free version for a few years now. When using the free version, you’ll see some advertising, but it’s gone with a click. PDF995 acts as a virtual print driver – after installing, just click Print and you’re on your way. Clean, painless, and the PDF995 people don’t spam you. Nice lightweight program, so give it a try if you’re trying to get out from under the paper pile.


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