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When Things Go Wrong

March 19, 2010

Beach GirlLast week I was getting my feet wet in Daz Studio and I had a little disaster. The pretty model’s arm broke off. It was actually pretty funny, the hand that was supposed to be off at the right was just hanging free in space.

I’m sure it was a memory issue. I had quite a few lights loaded in, had the hi res skin textures loaded in, and I think I tried to piggyback too many operations without giving the machine proper time to relax after commands. I turned the camera, and there it was, the broken arm. The mesh just became decimated is all. In some other programs lost mesh can sometimes be attributed to low video memory, and sometimes just waiting a bit until your machine stabilizes and resetting your views can help restore things. Not here – the arm was totally lost. Not a huge deal as it was just a test image I did while learning the mechanics of the program. Pretty startling though, and some friends got a good laugh when I sent it along in the email.


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