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Fractal Or 3D?

March 21, 2010

Loops With Incendia

It’s both! In serious need of a diversion this weekend, I was cruising the internet a bit and ran across a very Bryce-like image that really appealed. Except that it wasn’t done with Bryce, it was done with a Donationware program called Incendia. It’s where fractals meet 3D. After about an hour of playing around trying to figure things out, I came up with this image (along with a few others). I like that mid 1990’s early 3D look a lot – metallic, simplicity, and some sky. I haven’t been through all of the fine points of the program yet, but I think it may support import of wire meshes. The support documentation on the website  is a little weak, so I’ll have to experiment further here.

The possibilities with the program are endless. There are enough Baseshapes to get you started, and I’m liking the program even more since it is lighweight and not bloatware. The executable for installation weighs in at only about 13MB. That means it installed easily on my 4 yr old laptop, and I’ll have something to do while waiting in airports. I now have a fine alternative to my 10 Minute Landscapes for relaxation time.

The program is free to start, a Paypal donation will open up larger renders. Even with the unpaid version, I was able to get a beautiful 2048×2048 render here.

When you visit the Incendia website, be sure to see the Gallery – some really cool stuff there.


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