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New Horizons for Poser 2010

March 23, 2010

With beginnings in rudimentary human characters with bad fakey skin tones, Poser still rules and recently announced the new Poser 2010. From the news release:

The phenomenal success of recent big-budget feature films such as Avatar has opened the door for 3D characters in movies, TV programming, commercials, Web content and video shorts. However, creating 3D content is complicated and time-consuming for artists, requiring meticulous care to set-up elements such as hair, skin texture, bone rigging, clothing, lighting and poses. Poser Pro 2010 simplifies the work of designing characters from start to finish with advanced features such as a Talk Designer, Walk Designer, Morph Brush, Face Room, Dynamic Hair and Cloth Tools and many more.

I originally got Poser 5 way back when, and even though I was an AutoCad user along with some other 3D programs, I found it difficult to deal with. It’s use was confines to fill-in content and I rarely used any Poser content as the main focus of any artwork. Along with experience though comes more understanding, and I now see the value.

While I’m not on the bandwagon to upgrade at this time, it sure sounds nice.

Poser Pro Features and Benefits:

  • NEW – Enhanced User Interface – Features a more efficient tool layout and a user configurable work environment
  • NEW – Content Management System – Allows easier access to content collections with the ability to search both a library’s content and Smith Micro’s online market Content Paradise by category and keyword, providing a hierarchy list view and more detailed pop-up expanding previews
  • NEW – Indirect Lighting – Includes the ability to combine indirect diffuse illumination with improved irradiance caching and path tracing. Poser Pro 2010 renders images with global illumination that are so realistic that they can fool an untrained eye
  • NEW – Improved Rigging System – Includes multiple Falloff Zones and Joint Strength preview, users can rig problem areas – such as hips and shoulders – with more precision, resulting in more realistic bending figures
  • NEW -Figures – Includes eight new, ready-to-pose 3D human characters, offered in different ethnicities and body types to provide artists with multiple starting points for their creations
  • NEW – Features more than 1GB of New Content plus 1.5+ gigabytes of previously released, ready-to-use 3D scene assets
  • NEW – Render PSD layers – Poser Pro 2010 renders Photoshop layers for a scene’s Normal, Position, Z-Depth, UV and ToonID, a great asset for users compositing Poser content using Photoshop and Aftereffects.
  • NEW – Dependent Parameter Tool – A new tool that allows artists to create, modify and edit master parameters within the scene. Complex interactions can be created, such as full- and partial-body morphs, advanced body controls and parameter-controlled scene assets
  • NEW – Cross-Body Part Morph Tool – Enables artists to easily create effects such as muscle bulges, scales, bumps, horns, veins, wounds and surface details across multiple body parts
  • NEW – StuffIt® Connect and Facebook image uploading direct from Poser Pro lets users distribute renderings and collaborate with clients as well as sharing images with their contacts.
  • NEW – Physically Correct Light Falloff – Features control spot and point lights to more closely reproduce realistic light falloff from full bright to dark
  • NEW – Tone Mapping and Exposure – Helps artists control bright or dark areas within an image to produce higher-quality, final renderings with better contrast
  • NEW – Normal Mapping – Allows users to add fine detail to object surfaces, making them appear more intricate without the added computational overhead from additional polygons
  • NEW – Wardrobe Wizard – Allows artists to re-use existing clothing assets by fitting them to the new Poser 8 character set
  • NEW – wxPython Support – Enables third-party developers to create more advanced plug-in functionality that can be fully integrated directly within Poser’s user interface.

They’re running some upgrade sales right now over at SmithMicro, so if Poser’s your thing, the new generation certainly sounds great. For myself, I’ve recently pulled my old Poser 5 out of mothballs. I’ve never really done a lot of character content, but who knows, it could take some of my work in a new and exciting direction.


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