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3D Meshes In Incendia

March 24, 2010

knotWell the verdict is in. Yes, you can import your own 3D meshes into Incendia. That’s just way cool. The immport mesh must be in STL format, and you can output to STL using Meshlab, which is Open Source and free software.

My mesh here does look clunky because there’s not enough subdivision, but I wanted to test the mechanics of the import here first. Next, I’ll take a look at how the provided STL meshes are done. Do they have fine subdivision or are they clunky like mine? We’ll see.

The ability to import your own meshes into Incendia opens up EVEN MORE possibilities. With the inclusion of  simple figures to tall buildings, you can wind up with a pretty unique art piece.

After playing around with this on and off for the past few days, I’m having lots of fun with it. Once you get past the unfamiliar interface it’s pretty painless to use.


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