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More On The Carrara Models

March 25, 2010

gazebo testI decided to do some more Carrara cruising, this time taking a closer look at the included models. I recently did a post in part about how horrid one of the included Carrara models was. So I picked a few at random and played around with them a bit. In this Gazebo image, the model looked pretty good, although the texturing was not to my liking. It also gave me a chance to try playing around with landscapes a little more. The model is acceptable, although I didn’t get down to mesh level with it. It’s darned good enough for an add on component in a project. Even though some of the models included with Carrara 7 Pro are kind of clunky, they’re good enough for learning and beginner projects.

city block 3D modelFor beginners who would like to do urban things, this city block model included in Carrara is good enough for a start. You simply have to get past the rudimentary and childish look and use your own imagination with it. Here, think of adding some good concrete, a newsbox or mailbox, a more realistic awning, some brick textures, etc. Even with a just few well thought changes, things will start looking better. In my opinion, and excellent starter file for someone looking to get involved in their first large project. With the right sky and lighting, and you can get a nice piece or even a short animation out of this starter model.

WindmillNext I tried the Windmill model, and it’s not so bad either. The blades are really nice, but I did change out the roof texturing because I couldn’t stand it even as a demo image 😉 Put the right roof on here and some good stone on the walls, and you have the beginning of a nice landscape. Used as a midground object and not a focal point, there are lots of possibilities here. I think I’ll eventually play around with this one myself, because I have a terrible windmill fetish.

So there you go. The models in just about any purchased software package will be on the simple side, some will even be pretty crude. But you have to start somewhere.


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