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The Sad Monarch

April 2, 2010

And here’s another out of Daz Studio called “The Sad Monarch”. She’s a Monarch Butterfly Fairy, and she missed hooking up with her butterfly migration group, so she’s pondering what to do next. Although I should be thinking springtime, I couldn’t resist using this autumn foliage background image with the new mushrooms I got 😉

I had a lot of fun with this one. Another study in point lights, as I used one to highlight the forehead and another two in order to bring out the wings.

I was a little tired when working on this. I thought I was done, rendered up the image in large size, and something just looked “off”. Her left thigh looked awfully big. After getting a cup of coffee and scrutinizing further, I found I had forgotten the little panties. The image looks much better now that she has her undergarments on properly LOL.


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