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The Place To Relax

April 6, 2010

Something really different for me here in Daz Studio. Usually, I’m not into the leather girls and bondage type things many of the figure artists do, but I saw this neat free prop over at Digital Creations and said “Well, why not?” While Adam over at DC used a gray mottled background for his sample render, I envisioned a little bit of fire. Six light sources are used here to give the figure dimension and cast shadows. While it’s not my usual fare I do enjoy the image. It makes me recall the days of my back problems when I would be found relaxing in very unusual positions trying to relieve the disc pain.

So do I always go for for freebies? Sometimes – it all depends. In this case, I had almost an immediate vision of what I wanted to do with the prop. I wanted hot light, warm to hot fiery tones, and dimension from shadows.

Digital Creations also has Poser/Daz items for sale, and the prices are reasonable. You’ll find some items here by Adam that can’t be had on Daz3D or Renderosity. And any Freebies you pick up over at Digital Creations can be used in both Commercial and Non Commercial projects. For Freebies, that’s unusual, as a lot of free content creators restrict content use to non commercial only.


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