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Firefly Got Her Arms Fixed

April 8, 2010

When I was dong Firefly the Fairy about a week ago, I got those darned nasty Victoria 4 arm creases again. It happens on some of the Daz Models when the arms go down. Well I found a fix for it over at Renderosity. It’s a great little injection morph for V4, and it immediately healed Firefly’s arms.

Although the 3D character stuff is pretty amazing these days, it’s still not perfect. A mesh is a mesh, and when it’s not manipulated gracefully, weird things happen like distortion of that mesh.

So what do I think of the fix? It’s fantastic so far and the best 5 bucks I’ve spent on Daz/Poser stuff. I have taken care of a few problem models already. To get around the problem before, I was hiding the creases with hair or a prop if I could.

Corvas over at Renderosity who wrote the fix has some example images of the underarm creasing. Fixes are also available for Michael 4 and Victoria 3. I wish I would have noticed the vV4/M4 bundle before I purchased, but oh well. Even at another 5 bucks for the Michael fix, it’s still worth it.

If you look at the original Firefly Fairy post, you’ll see the dastardly underarm creases. Now they’re gone. Hooray!

BTW, Corvas says the Fix was tested only in Daz Studio Advanced and Poser 7 and 8, but the V4 fix at least works perfectly in the Daz Studio Free version which is what I have been using. I don’t know if it works in the lower Poser versions, but I’m thinking it should at least work in Poser Version 6. Poser Version 5 is possibly a longshot though. You can always ask over in the Renderosity forums or Site Mail Corvas, the fix author.

Firelight’s Product Rating: 5 Stars!


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