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Carrara 8 One Step Closer

April 9, 2010

Although details on the official release date of the new Carrara 8 are still sketchy/classified/topsecret, it looks like things are at least one step closer in that promotion deals are being sent to those with Daz ties via email. Currently, there is a sweet deal for Platinum Club Members – buy Carrara 7 and get the Carrara 8 upgrade free (when the upgrade becomes available)

There has been the usual kvetching/whining from those who already own Carrara Version 7. What do we get? At this point, that is unknown.

NEW FEATURES in Carrara 8:

  • Customers who typically create complex models, large scenes or very large renders, will now be able to utilize 64-bit hardware and OS platforms. In addition, most calculations now support multi-threading. Our tests have shown an average reduction in render times of 200%.
  • The Bullet physics library will be available to our Pro customers. The Bullet library is an open source toolkit which we’ve implemented inside Carrara 8.
  • Data exchange has been updated with improvements to COLLADA and FBX.
  • Figure or content/clothing can now be edited in the Vertex modeler without the need to zero the figure. This will help a user modify clothing on a figure in a posed position.
  • Improvements to the Network Rendering have been implemented, including: remove nodes from master machine; users can now set nodes to render frames instead of buckets for animation.
  • Many improvements have been made to the lighting tools. Users will see an improved user interface, barn doors for spotlights, negative lights, God rays and the much requested capability of IES lighting.
  • There have also been changes to animation tools; Puppeteer (from DAZ Studio) has been added to Carrara 8 along with fixing an audio issue within the .avi output.
  • We’ve added support for Normal Maps.
  • Many improvements to the Vegetation Lab.

More information is over at the Daz3D website. The Carrara 8 free upgrade info seems to be mainly in the Members Only forum at this time.

On joining the Platinum Club – I do recommend it. When I joined I got a SUBSTANTIAL discount on my copy of Carrara 7 Pro, and since I have also been playing around a lot in Daz Studio, I’ve been able to take advantage of many of the $1.99 content offers.

On dealing with Daz as a company – while pooh poohed by some, my dealings have been great. They offer a money back guarantee on their products, and I used that guarantee once when a product did not work for me as I had envisioned. My account was credited within 24 hours. Can’t as for much more than that.

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  1. August 29, 2010 4:22 am

    Daz are a fantastic company, my dealings with them have allways been top rate.

    Why others poo poo Daz is pure snobbery.

    Daz gives the first time and pro users the tools to create stunning 3d enviroments, animations and models.

    The daz user forum is excellent and helpfull and overall the company grows and grows along with its followers delivering top quality products at reasonable prices, buy daz and you won’t be dissapointed.

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