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The Pink Fairy

April 19, 2010

Here she is, the latest fairy. This eventually will be part of a greeting card series. I had a lot of fun doing this one, and now that the basic setup is done, I can take the model and swing into any environment I want. No Photoshop here, this one is directly out of Daz Studio. So what’s up next with the Fairies? Well I’ll work on some character development, and will also work on some better custom environments. Although this one from Daz3D is lovely, I think it’s much more satisfying to do something original. I’m also going to work on my own custom swing.

Just in case you’re wondering “Shouldn’t fairies have pointed ears?” Well, mine haven’t so far, but in this case I kind of like them.

And I got into the grocery funds this weekend. Daz3D had a sale on a lot of Lisa’s Botanicals models. Many of them are $.99 thru 4/30/2010 (for Platinum Club Members). Lisa’s models and textures are so good that I’d almost be a fool to do them myself. Here’s a link right to her stuff.

And here’s a render sample from the Pansy Pack I picked up over the weekend. Rendered in Daz Studio, and the image has no Photoshop after the render. Next, maybe I’ll build a “Lisa Garden” with a whole bunch of her stuff. In the render, 2 spotlights with Deep Shadows set to On. It makes for a great little Pansy Portrait.


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