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The Copper Fairy

April 22, 2010

Well I guess I’m not too creative when it comes to naming the fairies. I’ll try harder next time.

A few days ago I wrote a short post about some Fairy Freebies I picked up from Faerie Dreams and promised that I would use some in an image. Well, here you go.  The wreath and wings are as I received them from FD. The dress is called The Tink Dress, short for Tinkerbell I would guess. It came as just a plain flat green dress, so I built my own texture for it to give it a little more snap and pizazz. I also set up specular and bump maps for the dress texture. In this way the draping looks more realistic ad the highlights from the specular settings catch in a more natural fashion.

A strong backlight here gives the female figure good dimension and helps give the image an early morning feel, which is what I was after. A deep shadow map was set up for one of the major front lights. I’m really happy with the way this one came out. Thanks Faerie Dreams!


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