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Learn About Dynamic Cloth Simulation

April 24, 2010

Talk to character beginners about dressing up their models and some of them will panic, recalling time spent fixing body poke-through and fixing other issues. Just mention the phrase Dynamic Cloth” and you’ll send even seasoned users running for cover.  Although I haven’t played with Dynamic Cloth as yet, it really doesn’t seem so bad, and I’ll point you towards the resources I’m going to use to get started when I’m ready. They come from 3D World Magazine, one of my favorite publications. A comprehensive tutorial plus assets can be found here. Poser 7 is the desired target program here, although for the modeling portion I’m thinking that your favorite 3D app should work.

And to help you work through things even further, here are 40 Clothing Simulation Tips. The article is almost total opposite of a clear cut tutorial. Rather it is more of a problem solving roadmap and it’s geared for a professional production pipeline. For both hobbyists and seasoned pros, it’s definitely worth a look, because many problems that occur in 3D development are a direct result of haphazard planning, not lack of high end software or technical skill.


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