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Godrays Will Be In Carrara 8

May 3, 2010

The new Godrays feature in Carrara 8 looks good and is very simple to use. Wonder how it will affect the render time though. In Vue 3D, the render times can be over the top and I usually just give up on using the rays in scenics.

Looks like lots of new features coming in Carrara 8. It’s nice to see some investment here. Although the program will very likely fall short of the capabilities of the Vue 3D high end progs (just being realistic here), looks like things are on the move. You get out of 3D what you put into it.

I haven’t DL’s the C8 Beta, and I’ll most likely wait until it’s officially up for sale and get some feedback, or of course wait for a sale 😉 Just too much going on right now to make effective use of the trial. And plus I have that Daz Studio addiction LOL.

Daz3D has posted several Carrara 8 teasers on YouTube. Here’s their channel.


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