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Google Gives 3D Another Whack

May 4, 2010

Google has released a new browser plugin in hopes to bring 3D right to your web browser. And the new API can be used to build interactive 3D Web applications with JavaScript. It seems to be  much more ambitious than previous attempts to bring 3D content to the web.

The plugin provides an implementation of O3D. O3D is an open-source web API for creating rich, interactive 3D applications in the browser. This API is shared at an early stage as part of a conversation with the broader developer community about establishing an open web standard for 3D graphics. Via program control, one can create and manipulate 3D graphics with the JavaScript.

Presently, a small handful of 3D content is posted to the Google Page here.

You can download O3D from the Google Labs area of the site.

Yeah the demos in the video look like some pretty bad 1999 video games, but give things a little time. I guess the only other question is how much of a bandwidth hog some of this stuff will be.

Perhaps some real interest will be generated here in light of Steve Jobs recent bashing of Adobe Flash. Using the term bashing only because I didn’t know how else to describe it. I’m not a huge Flash fan myself, but it’s sort of become a necessary evil if you do web stuff.

My own opinion on this o3Ddevelopment? Personally, I don’t care.  The web is mainly an information source for me, and I have little time for interactive web timewasters. Some people do like this kind of stuff though and for those who do, that’s great.

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  1. Michael Brown permalink
    May 4, 2010 11:15 am

    Thanks for sharing the video. Looks like it could result in an increased market for 3D elements someday.

    As far as Flash goes, it looks to me like Adobe is dropping the ball in lots of ways. I haven’t even looked to see what is in the latest Photoshop and Illustrator upgrades. And while most microstock sites now accept AI10 files, it looks like eps8 will be the de facto standard for a long time. So who needs CS6 anyway? I’m not buying Adobe stock, that’s for sure.

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