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Please Tell Me Everything

May 14, 2010

I was on a 3D forum a few weeks back, and there was a post on there from someone saying they need to model a drill bit. Very little info was given, and to wrap up the post, the guy simply said “Please Tell Me Everything.” OMG. Here we go again.

Before making a query as stupid as this, please consult your support documentation. As they used to say in the beginning days of Photoshop – RTFMRead The F_cking Manual. At least have in mind what tools are available in your software of choice, even if you don’t know all the ins and outs of what they do.

A few people posted back, explaining a few basic approaches, however all was lost on the OP. He was asked what software he was using and if it had a Helix Tool. He didn’t know. OMG once again.

People who reply on forums are there on their own dime. If they ask a question in their replies to you, it’s your responsibility to reciprocate with valid needed information.

The OP got fed up with the questions, and said he would go elsewhere. Good god what an ass. And the questions asked of the OP simple too – did the model need to meet technical specs or was it just a general illustration, in which case almost anything would do? Because when you need to meet technical specs, it becomes a different ballgame entirely.

S0 before you ask the stupid questions, do some groundwork at least. If you need to model a particular type of object, one trick is to go to Google Images and type “objectname, 3d, tutorial”. When the images come back, you just might get lucky and get pointed to exactly what you need. By using the images as reference, it can help prevent you from having to wade through piles of junk that you would find via text links.

Be sure to thank the people who help you out. Or at least offer some kind of courteous response.  There’s nothing worse than an abandoned post especially if someone has taken a good amount of time and offers good and sometimes highly detailed information.

And don’t be an ass.

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  1. Ray permalink
    May 14, 2010 3:49 pm

    You must frequent DPReview, where in the pro forum, queries like this are prolific. Jackasses come on the pro forum on the Fri b4 a wedding asking what camera and lens to use. Same on some 3D forums – OP comes along and asks “what software made ths image?” Duhhhhh!i

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