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Is 3D TV In Your Future?

May 15, 2010

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It’s not in mine, at least for the moment. I’d been putting off learning about the latest and greatest, but I received a promo email from Amazon, and it pointed me to a good little learning page. There are 10 quick videos here, and while they do present some technology advances particular to a few major manufacturers, they are not direct ads for products. The videos are quick and entertaining, and in about 10 minutes, at least you’ll be somewhat conversant with the technology.  If 3D TV interests you, it’s wise to do a little research here before seriously considering a purchase. The videos will at least help point you in the right direction.

For myself here, television is not a priority. In my home office, I have a 6 year old analog set with the dreaded digital converter box. While the rest of the family enjoys cable entertainment at the other end of the house, my old set is here mainly for the local and network news or the requisite Seinfeld rerun, and also does duty as an external monitor when I transfer and cut old analog video. The fact that I have little to no interest in 3D TV and high end video theater stuff really confounds friends and family.  I guess I’m just an enigma.

So will I ever go over to the Dark Side of 3D TV? Well, I’ll see what happens with the technology. I’m hoping they get the implementation right the first time and we don’t have another VHS vs. Betamax split. Right now, it’s just too new and there’s very little content that appeals to me. Maybe when the 6 year old Magnavox gives up the ghost 😉

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