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Beauty Walks The Night

May 17, 2010

Finally at the point with all of the computer stuff where I can start doing some character work again. This piece called Beauty Walks The Night will eventually go to a 16×20 framed art piece. I’ve layered in some of the rough Photoshop work, but there’s still lots more to go.  I will finish off the “fine” work at a later time.  The goal here will be to try and bridge realism and painterly techniques. That’s wisteria at background left and a bare tree at right. The little enclave setup is from Daz, but I may wind up going back and refining the textures here.

I used two global lights and about 6 spots. I had tried a night time piece awhile back and was not happy at all with it, but I tried a different light setup and this one seems to have a look I like much better. Even straight out of Daz, I got some really nice depth in the render. I was going to put shoes on the character, but it’s much more of a fantasy piece without them.

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