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The Joy Of Dance

May 23, 2010

In addition to Fairies and some ballet artwork, I’ll also be doing some Dance images. This one here, done in Daz Studio, evolved while I was working on a commercial image for a studio. I find that doing the dance images are mind freeing and very liberating – you can create your own little fantasy even of you can’t handle doing the steps.

I loved ballet when I was younger, but was I very bad at it 😉 I was good on the tennis court, but sucked when it came to the aesthetics of fine movement. So these days I just abide by the saying “Dance like nobody’s watching.”

In the image here, I was originally going to do a standard front shot, but when I was setting up some spotlights, I happened upon this overhead view. In my mind it’s a winner. I did another version in blue, but this red and yellow flame treatment has very nice appeal.



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