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Boy, Did I Suck Or What?

May 28, 2010

Wow this is an old file 😉 from about 2002 I think when I was first starting to get serious about the 3D stuff. This was done in a VERY old version of Strata 3D, way before the current CX generation of their software. I did open the file in a current Strata version, and boy how crude everything was in the file. The whole sign was tilted over about 12 degrees, and all of the lights were way off. I fixed up a few very minor things here so as not to totally embarrass myself.

I was so proud of myself back when I first did this. Every one of those bulbs in the arrow part of the sign has a separate point light.

When I started with the 3D stuff, I had no idea as to how to light things or how to position cameras. After I got over a major learning curve hump though, I found that it’s very much like having a camera in hand, and you can even light certain things just as if you were in the studio.

It’s interesting to reflect on previous work, whether it is photography or bitmapped graphics. I’m thinking that if you don’t wince or cringe at least a little bit when opening up a very old file, then you haven’t learned much 😉



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