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It’s Like Starting Over ;-)

June 1, 2010

It’s almost like starting over 😉 I got Poser 7 several weeks ago, and here it is already June 1st and I haven’t spent any time with it other than to basically make sure it’s functioning. It looks like I have a lot to learn. Maybe I should take this guy and put him into the Bates Motel scene I posted the other day. Boy, this is really bad. I did have some nice lights and shadows going on here for a bit, but got confused and I think I deleted them.

I used the old Poser 5 several years ago, and I think I told you, I basically gave it up. Good tutorials were hard to come by on a dialup connection. Because of my mediocre skills, I only really used the program back then for figures in distant scenery and some silhouette stuff. But I have new purpose now, and that is to hopefully become skilled enough to produce some higher level character work.

It will be ok though. I was pretty flummoxed by Daz Studio when I first started, but was lucky enough to grasp things very quickly. My work load hare has been a little heavy here lately though, so maybe Poser “in depth” will wind up being a fall project.


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  1. Ray permalink
    June 1, 2010 6:50 pm

    You’re too hard on yourself. I to once tried Poser and gave it up. What a headache. It wasn’t the tools, but the haphazard content management that got me.

    I took your “buddy up” tip and a friend and I are doing some book sharing. First, we’re raiding each other’s personal librararies, and then we’ll decide on some shared purchase. Great advice. We can get some title we want without breaking the bank. Thank you!

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