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My Switch To WordPress

June 7, 2010

Back a few years ago, I started up a small trial blog on WordPress, and had just nothing but trouble with it. I don’t know why. Text sometimes disappeared on me, and sometimes even posts. So I went over to Blogger for doing a few creative things. Was not too happy there either. The stock templates sucked, and some of those built by the user community just didn’t function properly. So I decided to give WP another try, and it’s been good.

I’ve been toying with the idea of putting WP on a hosted server, and my brother has been investigating CMS (Content Management System) possibilities using WordPress. So I recently borrowed his copy of Professional WordPress by Hal Stern, David Damstra, and Brad Williams to see if there were really any advantages for me. All I can say about the book is WOW 😉 If you’re hosting things on your own server and are serious about delving deeper into the inner workings of WordPress, this is the book for you.

While the book does cover the basics, you’ll be done with that in about the first 60 pages. After that, you’ll explore some code, configuration files, get into databases, and the like. The book is written in a clear and fairly easy to understand manner, but a warning for the faint of heart, you’ll need to understand a little bit of techie geek talk to get around. But if creating Widgets and Plugins for WordPress is your goal, you’ll be right at home here. Theme development is also covered, and there are some tidbits about Web Forms and E-Commerce. The book even has a section on When NOT To Use WordPress, along with a very nice chapter on content migration along with a sample of a MySQL Import Script.

With 350-plus pages of information, the book is useful for both learning via reading and also as a desktop companion. If you’re a simple free hosted WordPress user, the book will be of little value and likely will be beyond your scope. There’s enough freebie info out there on the web to keep you out of trouble. But if serious site development is your goal, then do consider this title.

My Google Blogger blogs are still up, but I don’t post too much anymore. About all I do there these days is delete the freakin’ viagara and porn spam. What a pain. WordPress catches all this needless trash for me. It puts it into a queue and I delete it at my leisure. Life is  good with WordPress.


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