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Is There A Nikon D4 In Your Future?

June 9, 2010

Well yes, but not just yet. This image fooled a lot on the web. The Nikon D4 rumors have been swirling around in cyberland since the day after the D3 came out. Last October things were at a fever pitch on the camera forums when rabid fans wholly expected the D4, but alas only a lowly D3s appeared (a great camera BTW).

So what’s with the image here? It’s a 3D rendering, and a darned good one. It was done by an artist by the name of Denisa Mrackova from the Czech Republic who generated it for her 3D portfolio. Have a look at it over here at CG Society – she does great work. The camera model is so good, it’s easy to see why it generated such a frenzy on the web. To see the full story of the bused rumor and more images of Denisa’s Nikon D4, head over to Nikon Rumors. If you’re a Nikon fan and awaiting new gear is your thing, you’ll bookmark this site. I visit every now and again to see what’s up. I have all the Nikon gear I can handle right now, so I’m not all that excited by the new stuff, but it is fun to see what’s possibly coming down the road. The Nikon Rumors guy is quite a sleuth, and the site has become popular enough that he gets tips from all over the world.

So a little more about the camera image… As you can see that the right software, in this case 3DS Max, used by a skilled hand can do amazing things. And Denisa’s great image is once again testimony that a great image is all about the light, and the devil is in the details.

You’ve probably already seen hundreds of 3D models in product advertising without even knowing it. Probably everything from vacuum cleaners to feminine products. It’s a way to visualize a perfect world, and I think you’ll be seeing more of it too.


  1. Michael Brown permalink
    June 9, 2010 11:06 am

    Once again the line between reality and imagination is blurred. Will the virtual camera take virtual pictures? Is ‘Denisa Mrackova’ a real person or is the image of her on the page you link to a Poser render?

  2. June 9, 2010 8:51 pm

    LOL Michael that’s pretty funny. The 3D stuff is prolific on the boob tube, and people don’t even realize the stuff is faked 😉 They just think it looks good. TO marketers, that’s what matters.

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