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Hiding Body Parts

June 13, 2010

No it’s not illegal or sinister, at least not in Daz Studio. I had purchased this ballet outfit complete with shoes over at Renderosity awhile back, and when I first went to use it, I was perplexed. I put on the shoes, posed the feet, and no matter what I did with the feet, I had toes sticking out. Then I went back and read the product notes. And there it was! The suggestion to Hide The Toes! That solved my problem, and I was grateful that the author had included that note. Because I’m dumb as a fencepost sometimes, and it would have taken me awhile I’m sure to figure that out. Now I keep the Hide Body Parts idea at the forefront of my Mental Tips Inventory. Not only does it work here in my ballet figure, but the method can also work for gloves, boots, and some clothing where you have body poke through issues that just can’t be seem to be fixed any other way.



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