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What’s On Your Photo Bucket List?

June 16, 2010

I was perusing Amazon a few days ago to see if there were any new must have book titles, and I ran across David Busch’s Digital Photography Bucket List: 100 Great Digital Photos You Must Take Before You Die. And the title tickled me. It’s very much in the same vein of the title of The Bucket List movie. So I took a look at the preview at Amazon, and there were a few cool things in the table of contents, including Sultry Glamour and Ravages of Time. Some topics are tried and true, like Motherly Love. So I did a little thinking about what I’d like to shoot, and also thought about some 3D goals too.

So what’s on my own Bucket List?

The Perfect Crocus – I’ve always really loved this little flower. Trouble is that where I live, they usually either wilt from heat or get snowed on – the spring weather here can be very strange.

Rolls Royce Hood Ornament – I’ve always loved the Rolls grille and hood ornament. I did get a shot once, in perfect afternoon light, but alas the digital camera I had with me was only 3MP. I still love the shot, but would like to get one good enough for an 8×10 print.

Christmas Lights On House at Nite – Only because I’ve never done it. Funny that I’ve done outdoor Christmas events and such at nite, but have never done the house.

Trainspotting – I love the trains, especially the old time ones, but I’ve never really done much deliberate shooting. Most of my train shots have been lucky grabs.

The Diner Here In Town – There is a refurbished 1950s style diner here in town with some great neon, and I want to get there some evening when there is wet pavement. I’ve thought about it, but when it rains I seem to forget. Maybe now that it’s written down I’ll get out and do it.

Kansas – Don’t ask me why, but I’ve always wanted to go there.

Death Valley In Spring – If you’re lucky enough to hit a good spring bloom there, it’s just awesome!

Nothing earth shattering at all on my list. It’s all actually pretty normal everyday stuff. I’ve been lucky. I’ve had some unique opportunities in shooting that some can only dream of. But I would like to take a little more leisure time and explore some new things without being tied to a timetable.

So what’s on the 3D list?

The Millennium Baby – That Millennium Baby from Daz3D is just so lame. Would like to sit down with it sometime and do some proper skin maps and hair.

The Great Suburban Office Building – Maybe about 5 floors, lots of glass, some trees and people, and a great sunset hitting on all of those windows. Would like to finish it off like an artists pencil drawing or even a water color. I’ve written about my love for the architectural renderings before – it’s time to do something about it!

My Own Castle – Complete with drawbridge and moat 😉

Books – Would love to do a simulation of books, all fine leatherbound textures with gold titles. I would do all of the classics I missed when I was younger like Huck Finn and Little Women. And some Dickens of course. I have come to love Dickens.

A Sci Fi Character of Any Kind – I so admire the people who do this well. I’ve never been any good at all with this genre, so maybe it’s something to put on the list for winter. Technically I’m not so bad, it’s the creativity in this area that I lack.

Train Stuff – Either an old time steam locomotive, or the 20th Century Limited, maybe both. I love the romance of the old time trains.

Sultry Glamour – I’ll take David Busch up on the Sultry Glamour suggestion, but I’ll do it in 3D 😉

A Very Cool Airport Exterior – Because I love those flowing, sweeping curves.

Well there you go. Maybe more of a defined goals list rather than a bucket list. Either way, it’s something to shoot for.


  1. Michael Brown permalink
    June 16, 2010 5:41 pm

    When you get your 3D models done I hope you will sell them on The3DStudio, especially the airport, that’s a great idea for rendering stock images. And I’m sure you could sell a bunch as VOB’s on Renderosity.

  2. June 16, 2010 11:54 pm

    Actually the airport model should not be too bad. Should be able to do a fair job with B-splines and good comprehensive texture maps.


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