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Jungle Ballet

June 17, 2010

It’s been awhile since I’ve had a chance to sit down and play with Daz Studio. Here is the latest, the Jungle Ballet. Back about 1997 when I started Photoshop, my friend Mike and I used to shoot fashion models. To practice our Photoshop skills, we’d then composite the fashion models into oddball places, like in a sleazy convenient store interior, in front of a firehouse, or even on a knoll at a landfill. We thought it was so bizarre back then. Yet today in fashion shooting, the avant garde setting is the norm.

So I set up my little ballerina and decided to put her in the jungle in front of a waterfall. Not that weird I guess. I’ll have more versatility with the scenic settings soon as I set up a little custom curved cove where I can just slide in one vertical format photo and have an instant ground floor and backdrop. I do have a Daz plane set that works, but not exactly the way I would like, so I did my own. Very simple, just a spline and an extrusion. I also built myself some custom light setups.

I do the cove or “sweep” thing a lot with product photography. Works really well, but in the photography and in the 3D, it’s still all about the lighting 😉



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