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My Other Bucket List

June 19, 2010

The other day I wrote about my “Photo” Bucket List and talked about a few small goals and accomplishments I’d like to achieve in creative areas. But what about other stuff? Well, I think the main thing would be some travel. Even though I’ve traveled a lot for business, I never did take a lot of vacations. Time off yes, but usually I was just pretty tired of hotel rooms,  trains, planes, and automobiles, enough so that flying off to far off lands for a vacation was highly undesirable.  For awhile I swear I lived out of a two bedroom suitcase. I was gone for sometimes two months at a time. So a lot of my time off was spent just tooling around the garden, or  maybe taking a few day trips over to Connecticut. But now that I’m home based, the notion of traveling is more appealing. And I’ll also be setting aside some time blocks to accomplish some other creative things.

So what’s on that Other Bucket List?

Get Back to Seattle – I really enjoyed the time I spent there. A great place especially in the summer months. Alas during my last trip there, I was still using film and a 3MP digi, so I’d like to get back there and get better shots of the favorite place.

A Month In The Desert – My visits to the western desert areas were very, very short, and I never got to explore things the way I wanted.

Get Back To Toronto – Toronto is just a crazy, crazy place. I haven’t been there in probably 2o years except for a few airport trips. Will be interesting to see how things have changed there.

Get Back to Washington DC – Probably my favorite place to be. My favorite spot in DC is Union Station. Love to watch the people there. And the Library of Congress is just an awesome place to spend time too.

Make That Handbag – I once saw a very cool handbag done by a very exclusive designer. And it had an exclusive price to match – about $600. But, I thing I can make my own version. It was a black silk number with a red silk rose on it. I use to be quite the seamstress in my younger years, and it would be cool to get at it again. Isn’t it funny how that little handbag just sticks in my head?

Make the Perfect Apple Pie – While I’ve become quite skilled in pie making over the past year, I still have a tiny bit of trouble with the double crust pie, and I’d like to master that. I’m almost there. And of course, I’ll have to take the perfect photo of that perfect pie.

Take a Train Westward – I’ve done the NY/Wash DC eastern corridor run many times, but a long western trip might be interesting. I wonder if trains go to Kansas?

Get Back To Kennywood Park – I’ve been an amusement park junkie all of my life, and Kennywood is one of the favorites (Pittsburgh).

Get The Dream Computer System – While I’ve always been well equipped, it would be fun to get the Dream System with all the bells and whistles. And Studio Max too.

Visit My Friend Ross in Australia – Well this one is the bit of the pipe dream I think. But going to check into the possibilities here just the same.

Expand My Office – My space is good, but I”d like things better an d more functional. This one is actually on the list for this fall.

Rose Bowl Parade in Pasadena – Have just always wanted to do this. Have no idea why. It must be quite a spectacle.

Publish One Of Those Nice Coffee Table Books – I’d like it to be mostly scenics though, and over the years I just haven’t shot enough unique locations.

What About Cameras? Well believe it or not, no real wants here. Maybe I’m one of the few who is happy with what I have.

Isn’t it funny how most of my desires are repeat visits to someplace? I’ve had great times in my travels, and most of them were on the company dime. And no cold weather destinations for me either. I had thought about Antarctica. Screw it. I’m tired of ice and snow 😉

If the list seems kind of weird, that being mostly about travel and not about other things, well, it’s because I’ve been pretty satisfied with life. Family goals have for the most part been accomplished. We now enrich each other and continue to grow. And the stuff. What about the stuff? Well, I’ve had the hot cars etc, and there’s really more to life. I’d be pretty happy in an old pick up truck just roaming country roads. For me it’s more about the unusual places you wind up, the experience of it,  and the people you meet. Nothing better than that!



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