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Wheelchairs For The Poser Family

June 24, 2010
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While it may sound pretty funny, there actually is more demand these days for niche 3D models such as this. There are some really unique models including these chairs over at ZME, or Ziggies Model Emporium. There is also a cool archery set, and some neat playground equipment. How about a Ring of Fire or a Metronome? Ziggie’s got ’em.

It’s fun to find these little sites, and while I don’t download a lot from them, usually due to a need for commercial licensing, it’s fun to look and see what others are doing.

Ziggie also sells a few items over at the Renderosity Marketplace. By supporting small vendors via product purchases or donations, you can help make the 3D hobby flourish. Some of these guys would  love to spend hours on end modeling, but they have to pay bills too. So keep that in mind and try to donate a dollar or two if you use what’s offered.


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