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It’s Been A Busy Week, But…

June 28, 2010

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But I can’t get this yellow Hassy out of my head. A mere $2,029 at, I’m really going to have to look into it. Yes there are other things I have to buy like groceries, but I almost can’t resist. I should really be looking at a new long lens for the Nikons, but sometimes odd desires trump function.

To my delight, I discovered now has a little blog, and it’s not all sales hyp. There’s fun stuff here too, like Vintage Camera Ads. I must be old because I actually recall seeing some of these. has some great deals on used gear, some odd but most not so odd. Leica hounds like me check out KEH, and if you’re not in a a rush to get the latest model the first day it’s out, keep KEH in mind, because some like new in-box gear can be had at a nice price.



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