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Fractals, Fractals Everywhere

June 29, 2010

Back a few years ago when I first started playing around with fractal art, I became hooked very easily. Even though I had commercial and catalog work looming, I just couldn’t tear myself away. Late into the night I’d be at it, and in the first few weeks, I think I had output about 200 of them.

But art is meant to be seen, even if it’s not on a worldwide stage. So I turn them into little e-greetings, and some of them get turned into my own personal print greeting cards.  I don’t bother fussing with a home printer at all, too much bother. Instead I have the personal stuff done through an online company called Winkflash. Their folded greeting cards are beautiful and they’ll even put your company logo on the back. Funny that now whenever I give a card for an occasion, people flip to the back to see if it’s one of mine or a storebought card. I’ve ordered 4X6 prints from Winkflash too, and they’re a good deal. Color has always been good and they’re fine for the family archive. Haven’t tried the other products like Canvas or books, but maybe sometime soon.



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