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An Interview With Viktor Fretyan

July 2, 2010

You’ve probably seen his work around the web and haven’t even realized it.  I first ran into Viktor’s work on the web in 2009, and I’ve been a fan ever since. So I was delighted to find an interview with Viktor over in 3D Total.

Viktor is a master artist and specializes in 3D architectural work, mostly interiors. His work mesmerizes for sure. From dark gritty corridors to plush regal living spaces, I try to learn from every piece of his that I see.

In the interview, Viktor says of his early times in 3D, “…Back in those days all I could do was make a box and put the label PANASONIC on it and said it’s a walkman!” That’s pretty funny, and also very encouraging. Maybe there’s hope for me yet 😉 What it really does show you though is that through hard work, you can do anything. Just like any other talent, people are not born to the 3D stuff.

Awhile back I looked for a website for Viktor but never came up with one. But here’s a link to his portfolio on CG Society where you can see more great stuff. And courtesy of, here’s a tutorial guide by Victor on the making of Kumu, Art Museum of Estonia. Yes it’s 3DS Max stuff, but as I’ve mentioned before, learning is transferable, so be sure to take  look.


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