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I Shot The Works This Weekend

July 6, 2010

That title almost sounds like I incurred some bad gambling debt. Nope, not really into that. But seeing that I hadn’t shot any fireworks in about 2 years, I decided to get out for a bit with the camera. During the 15 minute July 4th display, I shot 125 frames and had about 115 keepers. So a very productive trip considering the short duration of the show.

My own favorite lens for shooting fireworks is my Tamron 18-250. It’s been especially good to me with excellent sharpness throughout the range. It’s not a high speed lens, but that doesn’t matter at all since when I shoot it’s at f/16 or even smaller. The long range of the Tamron allows me to set up according to my mood. I can go for a very wide shot, or I can zoom in for a closer view of the colorful sparks.

A tripod is essential for shooting fireworks.  Shooting in full manual, and yes that means manual focus too, will yield the best results.



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