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Some Thoughts About HD Video

July 8, 2010

When HD video in DSLRs was about to come on the scene a few years ago, I knew a few guys who just about wet themselves even just thinking about it. My thoughts at the time – well, pretty much “Ho hum, another toy.”  And why was I so nonplussed about it? Well, for one, I’m not a videographer, nor do I have any real aspirations towards it. I’m a good editor, but usually it’s done for others on a commercial freelance basis.

Video, even for the serious still shooter, is a valuable tool. Last year I bought a Nikon D90 just for the video capability. It helps me when I have to go out and block a job shoot. In blocking a shoot, you can sometimes fire a bunch of grab frames but miss something important. Video will let you pan your entire venue seamlessly, and I’ve even done things as silly as grabbing a few frames of my watch and then noting the sun angle.

For wedding shooters, a few minutes if B Roll footage can add a little zip to your slide shows. When I help out my good friend Dan with a wedding, I grab the B Roll stuff. The flowers at the church, the table settings and flowers at the reception, maybe just a minute or two of the bride and the groom getting ready. One of my favorite B Roll moments was some footage of the flower girls playing London bridge in the church yard.  It’s the little stuff like this that can add wealth and depth to your presentation.

So what about productions? Well, I’m going to leave that stuff to the guys like Vince Laforet who did some great work with the premiere of one of the new Canons. When doing your own production, tell the story. That’s primary. Otherwise, it’s just using a camera.

What about the tech end of DSLR HD video? Well if you speak a little Tech, there’s a great article here at Digital Photo Pro,  and it will give you all the good geek dirt on it. Some good working knowledge never hurts 😉



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