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Maybe I Should Start Small

July 20, 2010

Photo from Yahoo Video

In between photo jobs here, I’ve been trying to think up what I should concoct as far as a 3D architectural project. Trouble is, my brain has been all over the place the past few weeks. But I ran across this video on Yahoo, and maybe I should think small too.

Jay Shafer has taken Small Living to the level of Ultimate Coolness. While I myself probably could not bear such extremes, he does make great points about living more simply without all “the junque”.

My own life has been complicated  over the years by needless acquisitions, and it’s time to do some more serious purging. The camera gear was inventoried and purged last summer, and the book cases here are next. Probably after that, I can get into some of the photo prop boxes here. I’m talking multiple crates of stuff. All was necessary back then, but less of it is needed now.

Maybe someday I will even tackle my shoe closet 😉


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  1. Michael Brown permalink
    July 20, 2010 12:18 pm

    Good link. Small is good. Of course, he could have just gone to the RV lot and bought a little camper. But that would not be so cool.

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