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I’ve Got That Buying Bug Again

August 12, 2010

I just don’t know what it is about August. Seems every year around this time, I get antsy to get a new piece of camera gear. Strangely, I have no such cravings around the Christmas Holiday season. So I’ve been looking at the Tokina 11-16 mm 2.8 lens. While I love digital cameras, I do miss that ultra wide look I used to get from my 18mm lens. Because of the “crop factor” on APS-C sensor DSLRs, the 18mm effectively becomes about a 27mm. With the Tokina 11-16, I’ll be back shooting wide again.

When I shop gear, yes, I do look for reviews. I searched on the Tokina 11-16, and I had a laugh when I saw Ken Rockwell come up first on Google. Some love him, some hate him. Ken’s ok in my book and offers some good information. In the little review of the Tokina, he backs up his praise with some test shots. I’m sold. I did do a quick check on DPReview, and over there it was the same old argument – that a 12-24 would give you more zoom range. When you want to go wide, who cares about zoom range? Some of these guys just have to get over that notion of “having every focal length covered.” That kind of thinking will just make you crazy.

The going price for the lens is $599, and that may seem a lot to some for a lens of seemingly limited use. But, remember that camera bodies come and go. Good lenses last a lifetime. I’m still using Nikon glass I bought in 1982.

So what about camera bodies? Well, as I’ve stated here before, don’t care too much about a new DSLR. Photokina, the infamous bi-annual event, takes place in September, so I’ll see what announcements are made, and maybe put together an upgrade plan early next year.


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